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Food Industry / Metal Units

AVN Automation has experience making a variety of solutions for the food industry, and has the capabilities to make automation equipment that will speed along your food production line. All our equipment is made with food grade hygienic materials, and is engineered with the latest in innovative technologies.

Conveying Solutions

Automated food production lines

From conveying sections to a full conveyor line outfit, we are able to engineer your food production conveyor line to fit your facility and existing equipment. With many years of experience working with the food industry, we understand the sensitivity and importance of its strict safety regulations; we engineer all conveying equipment with easy to clean and maintain conveyor beds.

Custom Equipment

Solve unique production obstacles

Have a unique feature in your production? We can engineer customized equipment to handle a variety of particular applications, and will design its integration into your food production line. We can engineer food processing equipment to handle a variety of tasks, including cooking, mixing, handling and conveying. No matter the application, we can engineer a custom piece of equipment to handle the job.

Production Automation

Outfit your entire food production line

We can design your food production line from the ground up, offering a variety of solutions for each stage of the food production process. From stainless steel workspaces to processing and conveying equipment, we can work within the constraints of your facility to outfit a complete food processing solution.