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Automotive / Metal Units

AVN Automation has completed a wide portfolio of projects for the automotive industry. With years of experience, we have been able to bring our industry expertise into all the custom automation equipment we have engineered; creating unique solutions for many different applications.

Custom Machinery

Unique assembly fixtures

AVN has extensive experience in building unique assembly lines and fixtures to produce automotive hinges, checker effort assemblies, lift gates, tail gates, steps for tracks and another automotive assembly in automation mode or semi-automation mode. AVN’s assembly machines work in Canada, USA, Mexico and China.

Custom Machinery

Quick change-over tooling

Low volume production does not allow the use of high speed production lines. As a result, production times rise dramatically. AVN has expertise in building quick change-over tooling, allowing the use of universal equipment such as presses, riveters, etc. and maintain production rate in high level. Quick change over tooling allows for operation set up in a few minutes and reduces cycle time.

Custom Machinery

Quality Control

Quality control for automated production requires either integration into the production line or a stand-alone quality control fixture. AVN has developed a number of fixtures to check production parameters including building a high speed visual control fixture to check chamfer on 120 gear teeth in 4 seconds,using laser technology check thickness of transmission hub and etc. AVN uses poke – yoke technique for manual assembly production to control assembled AVN component

Checking Fixture

Our checking fixtures are designed to ergonomically fit your automotive parts, with easy release and operation for quick parts assessments. Our work includes checking fixtures for both metal and plastic automotive parts. We have the flexibility and industry knowledge to provide efficient fixture designs that will fit your unique production runs. AVN designs and builds highly accurate SPC and attribute checking fixtures for in process inspection

Production Fixtures

For every aspect of production, customized fixtures can alleviate production line bottlenecksby addressing particular production needs, resulting in increased production output rates. We design our production fixtures to meet or exceed your output requirements, and will address the particular needs of your production line. Our custom production fixtures for automotive parts are engineered with years of industry expertise behind them. We will work with you to design machines that can integrate into your production line easily and will provide training equipment operation. AVN have had extensive experience to build testing fixture for temperature boost, water boost, etc. Our fixtures allow determination of live cycle time for assembles under different weather conditions.

Control Systems

Implemented into our automation equipment, electronic control panels can help aid in the automation process. Our control panels are able to not only monitor the equipment itself, but also digitally measure and assess parts during the production process. Our control systems feature:

  • Electrical Design and Panel Layouts
  • PLC Integration and Programming
  • HMI Development

Material Handling

Conveying solutions for automotive production

For conveying and material handling in your facility, we offer custom engineered equipment that can get your parts from point A to B quickly and reliably. We engineer all our equipment to meet or exceed your production requirements, working to meet or exceed your output specifications. For special material handling requirements, we can incorporate unique solutions to handle your parts, with custom equipment incorporated into your conveying line.